Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Serena - My Helper

Serena has been on a "I want to help you do everything" kick lately. Who am I to argue?! She makes her bed, albeit after she gets home from school at times, but at least it gets made! :) She helps fold laundry, she cleans up her room, and dusts the house. She loves to help in the kitchen and thinks it's fun to wash dishes.
I'm pretty sure when I was her age I groaned when I had to wash dishes but then... I had 4 sisters before me and I didn't actually have to work much of anything until I was 13 because that's when my sisters started getting married or moving out. Let me assure you that I quickly learned about management! And hard work! :)
In the end what I had really learned was that jobs, and jobs well done, are wonderful for building character and confidence and and a sense of self worth that are priceless!
So for now I'll bask in her willingness and encourage her and exercise patience. Because things don't always get done the way I would do them but in the end that also doesn't matter. That was one thing my Mom and I would often butt heads on. She was a perfectionist and very good at what she did! But I came along with ideas of my own and was sure I could do it just as well my way! I think we have both learned a lot from each other. :)
Maybe I can teach her early on how to be and stay organized! That is my main resolution for the year. To get organized, stay that way and hopefully it will rub off on our kids. Thankfully I married a man that is organized, at least most of the time. :)
I'm getting ready to host my husbands family for the Glick Christmas gathering this weekend starting Friday evening but all day today I kept thinking it's Monday! Sheesh! I'm sure I'll get ready in time but it would help if I would quit thinking I still have days to do everything!!
Is anyone else confused or is it just me?
Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping in!


  1. I did the same thing...couldn't remember what day it was!

    I love that Serena wants to help...being domestic is always a good thing...for boys and girls! They learn so much!

    Getting organized is my main goal, too....this house has seemingly fallen to pieces lately and I've lost that organization! It'll take me a while to whip it back into shape, but winter is a good time to do that! :)

  2. Yep, the holidays have me all mixed up too! Love your little helper! I was my mom's youngest, and only girl--I helped her a lot....still do. :) Needing some order in my life too--especially in my closets. :(

  3. yey, Serena! & i'm confused with you! :)